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WDR Intensified Product Range


The NIT WDR Intensified modules are the first intensified Night Vision cameras with a very Wide Dynamic Range of more than 140 dB. Intensified Range

The NIT WDR intensified cameras use the same principle as conventional iCCD/iCMOS technologies:

An image intensified is coupled to an image sensor via a straight optical fiber. When operating under low light conditions, each photon is multiplied by the intensifier tube and then collected by the HDR CMOS sensor.

Using the native HDR capabilities of our sensors brings high performances and overcomes three main limitations of traditional intensified solutions:

  • Dynamic Range: The high intra scene dynamic range eases the identification of targets whatever the light conditions.
  • No Blooming: Thanks to its unique feature, the WDR sensors offer clear images and details even when facing to intense light spots.
  • MTF: The 1 inch optical size of the WDR sensor (18mm) guarantees a use of  a straight optical fiber (no taper needed). The WDR NIT sensors integrates a “Black Matrix” feature which reduces drastically the pixel crosstalk and ensures an optimal images sharpness.

With a very low power consumption (< 300 mW for the analog version) and a very small form factor, WDR Intensified modules are designed for OEM applications that require small space claim and power.

Applications are shown in the Outdoor and Transportation and Security and Surveillance Videos.



WDR Intensified ModulesWiDy IntenS

Download NIT Cameras and Modules Brochure

Camera Resolution Output frame rate ADC Operating Mode Dynamic Range Intensifier Tube Related Documents
WiDy IntenS 768A 768 x 576 Analog TV 50/60 fps -- Rolling shutter 140 dB Gen 2 (XD4) on request
WiDy IntenS 1280V 1280 x 1024 USB3.0 50/60fps 14 bit Rolling shutter 140 dB Gen 2+ (XR5) on request