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Industrial Machine Vision

A stereoscopic camera operates in any lighting environment with NSC1001

This video presents an example of a depth map extracted using NIT WDR stereo pair. NIT WDR stereo pair features 2 WDR VGA sensors synchronized together with a sign USB output.

MAG welding process with NSC0902 Native WDR sensor:

Preview of the NSC1001 :WDR Global shutter CMOS sensor

This video was taken from a sample of our NSC1001 Wide Dynamic Range CMOS Sensor with a global shutter mode.

Test conditions:

Frame rate: 100 Hz, Exposure time: 100 µs

HDR camera with a MAGIC sensor for a welding system

This video was recorded with our B/W analog camera using our Native WDR™ NSC0806 sensor.


Comparison of a standard CCD sensor with a Native WDR™ MAGIC sensor when exposed to strong light variations.