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WDR Colour Videos

Native WDR™ technology do not require white balance

This video shows how the colour on the chart remain constant independently of the illumination even with a bright incandescent light source greater than 300W. The absence of white balance is a unique feature of NiT Native WDR™ thanks to the exact natural logarithmic response of the sensors.

Comparison of WDR color sensor versus linear sensor

This video compares a NiT WDR color sensor versus a CMOS linear sensor, when observing an intense light source of 300 W. The video output of the NiT sensor is processed with NiT proprietary tone mapping algorithms specifically developed for logarithmic output sensors. 

Facing the sun with Macbeth chart

Cars with sun glares - NSC0902

NSC0902 - 768x576 @ 5.6 µm Native WDR

This video demonstrates the colour images obtained in logarithmic response mode obtained with a D1 sensor (768x576 pixels - pitch = 5.6 µm)