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SWIR Videos

Semiconductor application : use of WiDy SWIR 320U for wafer inspection

This video shows live image of wafer in SWIR band with microscope under a 100x magnification

NIT InGaAs SWIR Detector Vs Visible CMOS sensor: "See through Haze"

This video shows a comparison of our NiT HDR VGA SWIR Detector (NSC1101-SI -- WiDy SWIR 640U) versus our visible 1.3 MPix HDR CMOS sensor (NSC1003) in hazy day time conditions.

TIG welding acquired by a SWIR HDR InGaAs camera

This video shows a TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding process acquired by the NiT WDR InGaAs camera (WiDy SWIR 320U) at 30 fps.