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Core technology: MAGIC™

The NIT core technology, named as MAGIC™ is the result of 15 years of continuous R&D investment performed by the VLSI R&D team of the French Institute of Telecommunication. All these R&D efforts and the associated patents have been entirely brought to NIT for exploitation. MAGIC™ is a breakthrough technology in which each pixel photodiode is used as an individual solar cell. The immediate benefits of this mode are :

  • Intrinsic high dynamic range of more than 120 dB in every pixel – no need for companion chips or complicated registers to setup.
  • True and accurate logarithmic signal response to illumination without smearing or image lagging
  • No accommodation of ambient light variation and no noticeable fixed pattern noise within the image
  • Operability at high temperature (>90°C) without image degradation. There are no hot pixels or flickers appearing with increase of temperature

It is also shown in this short video.

Contact us to receive the NiT white paper on MAGIC™ technology.

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