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Photek logo

Vacuum based tubes and camera systems for photon detection.

Photek manufacture Image Intensifiers, Photomultipliers, Streak Tubes and a range of associated electronics and camera systems.

Photek has a comprehensive range of products for most photon detection applications and vacuum imaging products including the Photek brands Lumintek for EMCCD camera technology and Velocitas VMI for instrumentation and components uniquely designed for velocity map imaging and other advanced research applications.

Egide logo

Hermetic packaging and thermal management solutions.

Egide has in-house HTCC alumina technology, CuMo and CuW alloys, ceramic-to-metal and glas-to-metal sealing as well as plating (electrolytic and electroless).

Products are chip carriers, SMD & flange packages, TOSA, ROSA, ICR & TROSA, FPA or MEMs packages, TO and power SMD and more.

NIT logo manufacturer of world class CMOS imaging sensors.

New Imaging Technologies (NIT) offer world class CMOS imaging sensors based upon a unique and patented pixel technology which provides intrinsic high dynamic range response of more than 140 dB, no noticeable fixed pattern noise and operability without image artifacts to more than 90°C.

NIT offer a complete range of standard, customized and full custom CMOS imaging sensors for a variety of applications where performance, cost, quality and reliability are of premium choice.