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Phosphor Screens and Scintillators

for Particle Detection, Electron Microscopy, X-Ray and UV Imaging. The screen structure is shown in the image below.

screen layer structure

GIDS GmbH offers phosphor screens in P43, P22, P46 and P47 that allow the two-dimensional, visual detection of electrons, protons, heavy ions, x-rays and UV-light. Our standard phosphor screens perfectly match with our MCPs with active diameter of 18, 25, 40 and 75 mm see MCP-Types datasheet Download PDF and they also match with the MCPs from Hamamatsu, Photonis, Burle and other MCP suppliers. Custom specific types are developed and produced on request.

The phosphor coating is prepared by brushing process. The phosphor grains are agitated through a sieve or muslin gauze upon the plate which has been coated with some kind of binder. The phosphor is then brushed into the binder layer. The result in an adhesive bonding of the phosphor grains with high compressed density. Our brushing process leads to a very homogeneous layer structure.

The screens are stable under ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) conditions and can resist temperatures up to +200°C without problems. This stability is needed for the outgassing of a vacuum system to reach ultra high vacuum levels.


  • P22, P43, P46 and P47 available (other types on request)
  • Attractive prices
  • High efficiency
  • Homogeneous layer structure
  • Aluminized screens available
  • Screens with ITO conductive underlay and contact ring available
  • High resolution screens available


  • Custom made MCP detector systems
  • Special types for Electron Microscopy (P47 Scintillators)
  • X-ray detection
  • UV and electron detection
  • Beam profile analysis
  • For use with commercial MCPs with active diameter of 18, 25, 40 and 75 mm

Additional information is available on our Phosphor Screens & Scintillators datasheet Download PDF. To talk further about these products or the custom specific design for your application then please contact us.

Recoating service

for Electron Microscopy Screens. To talk further about your application then please contact us.