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GIDS GmbH Datasheets (anglais)

Screens MCP & MCP-Detectors Several
Phosphor Screens MCP-Types Product Overview
Scintillators MCP-Detector-Types ICCD-Image-Intensifier
MCP-Detector CF-Flange Assembly 18 mm Image Intensifier
MCP-Detector CF-Viewport Assembly Fiber Optic Coupling
MCP Detector Handling GIDS GmbH-AGB

Photek Ltd. Datasheets (anglais)

Detectors Camera Systems Electronics
Image Intensifiers IPD Camera System FP610 Power Supply
Photomultipliers HRPCS5 Camera System FP612 Power Supply
Photodiodes Nanosecond Camera System FP630 Power Supply
Magnetic Focus iCCD Camera System FP632 Power Supply
Demagnifiers Dark Box Bench Power Supply
Streak Tubes GM10-50 Gating Control
Technical Note Streak Tubes GM300-3 Gating Control
Technical Note SF Types GM300-8U Gating Control
Vacuum Compatible Detectors GM-MCP Gating Control
Intensifier Cooling Laser Pulser
Detector Cooling P-TDC
PA200-10 Preamplifier

Publications Photek

Novel Electronic Readout Systems For Photon Counting Imagers
Authors: J.S. Lapington and K. Rees Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College London. J. Milnes, M. Page, M. Ingle Photek Ltd.
Ref: Proc. SPIE vol. 4128 (2000) pp 120-128

Improved electronic readout system for an imaging photon detector
Authors: James S. Milnes, M. Page, M Ingle, J. Howorth, Photek Ltd. J.S. Lapington, Centre for Space Physics, Boston University.
Ref: NIM A vol 513 (2003) pp 163-166

Picosecond Time Response Characteristics of Micro-channel Plate PMT Detectors
Authors: J. Milnes, J. Howorth, Photek Ltd
Ref: Proc. SPIE vol 5580 (2005) pp 730-740

A reconfigurable image tube using an external electronic image readout
Authors: J S Lapington, Space Research Centre, University of Leicester. J R Howorth, J S Milnes Photek Ltd.
Ref: Proc. SPIE vol 5881 (2005)

Advances in Time Response Characteristics of Micro-channel Plate PMT Detectors
Authors: J. Milnes, J. Howorth Photek Ltd.
Ref: not yet available

Ultra-Fast Photomultipliers with High Dynamic Range
Authors: Dr. J. R. Howorth, Dr. J. S. Milnes Photek Ltd, C. J. Horsfield AWE, J. M. Mack LANL.
Ref: HSPP Conference September 2006

A Low Cost Time Resolved Spot Diagnostic for Flash X-ray Machines
Authors: J. Howorth, M. Ingle, P. Simpson, C. Aedy AWE and S. Quillin AWE
Ref: Proc. SPIE vol 5580 (2005) pp 693-699

Wavelength-dependent resolution and electron energy distribution measurements of image intensifiers
Authors: Robert Brooks, Martin Ingle, James Milnes and Jon Howorth Photek Ltd, John Hutchings Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics

Improvements in sensitivity and response times of photon imaging tubes
Authors: R J Brooks, J Howorth and J Milnes Photek Ltd, P D Townsend, S Hallensleben, M Phillips, R J Downey University of Sussex

Experimental data on the reflection and transmission spectral response of photocathodes
Authors: R. J. Brooks, J. R. Howorth, K. McGarry and J. R. Powell Photek Ltd, C.L. Joseph Rutgers University

Development of photon detectors for picosecond resolution, high rate, multichannel life science applications
Authors: T.M. Conneely, J.S. Lapington & J.S. Milnes
Poster presented at SPIE BiOS 2012

Extended lifetime MCP-PMTs: Characterisation and Lifetime measurements of ALD coated Microchannel Plates, in a sealed photomultiplier tube
Authors: T.M. Conneely & J.S. Milnes
Poster presented at The 13th Vienna Conference on Instrumentation (VCI)

The TORCH PMT; a close packing, multi-anode, long life MCP-PMT for Cherenkov applications
Authors: J.S. Milnes, T.M. Conneely*, J.S. Lapington, P. Kapetanopoulos, C. Slater and J. Howorth (Photek and *Space Research Centre, University of Leicester)
Poster presented at the RICH2013, Shonan Villgae Center (SVC) in Hayama, Kanagawa, Japan