Auratek multi-channel Photon-counting

Auratek Variants

AuraTek is the next-generation multi-channel photon counter. It features excellent time resolution <40 ps rms in combination with a high density of individual anodes and optionally with integrated readout electronics.

The detector is proposed in various configurations. Besides the classic round design we also offer a quadratic variant for efficient tiling .


for the detection of electrons, ions and photons from UV to X-ray


for TOF-applications, electron microscopy, as well as imaging from UV to X-rays, ions and electrons


MCP-photomultiplier are well-suited for applications with highest requirements to sensitivity and time resolution

AuraTek round

AuraTek round is a multi-anode MCP-PMT of the next generation. It can be configured as multi-channel single photon  counter, or as analog photon pulse analyzer. The 1024 single anodes are arranged in a 32x32 matrix with 0,88 mm pitch. This yields a quadratic active area with 28,16 mm length. The 1024 anodes can be configured in a customer-specific manner, or combined in groups for special readout geometries. The timing parameters meet highest standards, with pulse rise time <175 ps and single photon transit time width <40 ps rms per channel.


Data sheet 

AuraTek quadratic

The quadratic AuraTek features 4096 single anodes arranged in a 64x64 matrix with 0,88 mm pitch. This yields a quadratic active area with 53 mm length. The complete detector has 59 mm edge length, so that only little useable area is lost upon combination of several detectors.


Data sheet 

AuraTek camera

The complete multi-anode camera system is named AuraTek-PCS (photon counting system). It is an innovative photon counting system with integrated TOFPET readout electronics. The user-friendly system has 256 independant channels. Each anode records the events with 44 ps timing resolution; the overall system time resolution is <100 ps rms. The system is self-triggering and event-driven. Each recorded photon is tagged with a time stamp and the intensity. The maximum count rate per channel is 160 kcps and ca. 10 Mcps for the complete system.