Intensified cameras

Single photon camera systems


Both camera systems are designed for single photon imaging, but they differ fundamentally in their principle of image acquistion.


HRPCS is a classic iCMOS camera with a double-MCP image intensifier. This camera is well-suited for applications such as bio- / chemoluminescence or weak fluorescence. The integration time per image can be extended virtually indefinitely and is limited only by the memory.

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IPD acquires for each single event the corresponding position and time stamp. The the data are recorded as a (x,y,t) set and thus the image can be resolved in time. This system offers true 100% duty cycle.

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High-speed intensified camera

iCMOS 160

This camera delivers 160 im/s at full resolution of 2,3 MPix (1920 x 1200). The image intensifier allows shutter times down to 50 ns (standard) or even 3 ns (high-speed option) at repetition rates of up to 300 kHz.

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Neutron camera


This system is based on a 4,2 MPix sCMOS camera. In its standard configuration it is equipped with a 75 mm Ø Gadox screen and a 75 mm Ø gateable (100 ns) single-MCP image intensifier. The system reaches an overall resolution of 10 LP/mm.

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Technical characterization 

Velocity Map Imaging

Velocitas VMI

Velocitas VMI is a system including vacuum chamber and pumps, ion optics and camera.

Here you can find a detailed description of the essential components.



All Photek cameras come with the Image32 software. This software integrates all functions for the various applications for intensified cameras.