Welcome to GIDS

We develop, manufacture and distribute optical and optoelectronic components and systems.

Our main focus lies on the detection and imaging of electron-, particle- and X-ray beams.


In this framework GIDS is your project partner from planning to realization.

Our staff have very long experience in the assessment of design and performance issues of such detectors.

Thus GIDS is far more than just off catalog sales.

Just contact us for discussion of your specific project.


We can include adaptations, improvements, changes, extensions to our common products in order to get the best possible performance for your money.


Beyond our own capabilities, we maintain a very close relationship with renowned partner companies. This confers us vast possibilities in mechanics, electronics, and even software production.


We are pleased to attend customers throughout the world.

We cooperate with these companies



  • Vacuum cameras
  • TEM cameras
  • MCP detector cameras
  • Low light level cameras
  • Night vision cameras
  • High speed cameras
  • X-ray cameras
  • CCD detectors
  • UV cameras


  • high efficiency up to 70%
  • Coupling of fiber optic plates
  • Coupling of fiber optic tapers
  • Coupling with line and area sensors (CCD, CMOS, APS and others)
  • Low temperature cooling solutions available
  • Protection of bond wires


  • Amplification in electron tubes
  • Image intensifiers and Streak tubes
  • Fast PMT for TOF or others
  • Particle detection in analytical Systems
  • TOF-Mass Spectrometer
  • ESCA, EBMS, FIM, LEED etc.
  • Cosmic Rays and Particle Physics
  • Detection of Plasma ions, electrons,
  • Positrons and high energy particles
  • Detection of UV-,VUV-light and X-rays


  • High efficiency
  • Sensitive to electrons, ions, VUV- and UV-light, X-rays and Gamma-rays
  • CsI coating possible to increase the sensitivity
  • Immunity to magnetic fields
  • Bake-out up to 400°C possible
  • Single MCPs and matched double and triple MCP sets available
  • High resolution plates available on request


  • Custom made MCP detector systems
  • Special types for Electron Microscopy (P47 Scintillators)
  • X-ray detection
  • UV and electron detection
  • Beam profile analysis
  • For use with commercial MCPs with active diameter of 18, 25, 40 and 75 mm


  • P22, P43, P46 and P47 available (other types on request)
  • Attractive prices
  • High efficiency
  • Homogeneous layer structure
  • Aluminized screens available
  • Screens with ITO conductive underlay and contact ring available
  • High resolution screens available


  • Particle detection in analytical Systems counting mode
  • Mass Spectrometer
  • TOF-Mass Spectrometer
  • Cosmic Rays
  • Detection of Plasma ions
  • Detection UV-,VUV-light and X-rays
  • Detection UV-,VUV-light and X-rays
  • Elementary Particle Physics
  • Detection of Ions, Electrons, Positrons, High energy particles and X-rays


  • Standard sizes
  • Attractive prices
  • High efficiency
  • Sensitive to electrons, ions, VUV- and UV-light, X-rays and Gamma-rays
  • Fast time response
  • Immunity to magnetic fields
  • Demountable
  • Bake-out up to 200°C possible
  • Single, double and triple MCP setups available
  • Metal anode versions
  • Phosphor screen versions
  • Custom specific versions on request


  • X-Ray cameras for dental applications
  • X-Ray cameras for PCB inspection
  • Spectroscopy cameras
  • MCP detector cameras
  • Low light level cameras for biological luminescence phenomena
  • Intensified CCD detectors
  • X-ray and electron diffraction cameras


  • High sensitivity 50 mA/W @ 520 nm
  • High resolution min. 51 lp/mm
  • High image quality coupling of X-Ray screens on fiber optic plates or fiber optic tapers possible on input side
  • Coupling of fiber optic tapers possible on output side
  • Full iCCD Versions available with coupled taper and ½” and 2/3” CCD Sony sensor
  • Coupling with area sensors (CCD, CMOS, APS and others) possible on request


Gids on new address

GIDS has moved to a new address, still staying in Mannheim. Please note our new address and phone number, as follows: General contact GIDS GmbH Galileistr. 19 68165 Mannheim / Germany Tel: +49 (0)157 37569893 E-Mail: info@gids-gmbh.com Contact person Dr. Paul Ecker Tel: +49 (0)157 37569893 E-Mail: ecker@gids-gmbh.com

Website relaunch

GIDS has a new web presentation! We have modernized our website. Thus we want to fulfill the current user expectations. Feel free to contact us for critics, comments and of course suggestions for corrections.

Partnership with RP Optical Labs

New sales partnership with RP Optical Labs. RP Optical Labs is an israelian High-Tech company, specialized on optics and opto-mecanics. The focus lies on products for infrared applications (SWIR, MWIR and LWIR).  The offer consists of predefined products as well as customized items and development services. Please follow the menu item IR for further information.


Galileistr. 19, 68165 Mannheim

Telephone: +49 (0)157 37569893
Email: info@gids-gmbh.com