Intensifier camera addon

Photek’s ILCI-25 utilizes an MCP125 or MCP225 image intensifier which and provides wavelength conversion and highspeed shuttering. The ILCS-25 is specifically designed as an add-on for existing cameras such as cooled CCD, EMCDD which utilize a Nikon F Mount adaptor.
The ILCS-25 can be programmed using the integral touch screen LCD display and optical encoder or via the embedded USB interface.
The controller is provided with a trigger input and four individually programmable delays and width generator one of which controls the image intensifier gate directly and the other three channels are available as user-configurable outputs. An internal time base is also available.
Integral high voltage power supplies and gate units are also provided.

Image intensifier

Active area 25 mm
Input window fused silica
Photocathode solar-blind, Bialkali, LNS20, S20, S25
MCP MCP125 (single) or MCP225 (chevron)
Output window fiberoptic


Input mount Nikon F-mount
Output adaptor 52 mm diameter lens mount fitted to housing
Internal optics 50 mm F1.2  lens fitted inside housing
External input optics any Nikon F Mount manual lens (not supplied)
External output optics 50 mm F1.2 1:1 magnification (Photek can supply lens)
100 mm 2:1 magnification (end user to supply lens)
25 mm 1:2 magnification (end user to supply lens)

Note: External lens must be fitted with a 52mm diameter lens thread. Other diameter lenses can be used, however, a suitable adaptor ring will be required.


Operating modes Off, DC On, Internal Time base, External trigger, Pass through

Gate, T1, T2 und T3 outputs

Min. gate width 5 ns TBC *
Min. gate delay 50 ns
Gate and delay steps 5 ns (intensifier control)
Gain adjustment via 12 Bit DAC
Screen current trip 200 nA, 400 nA, 600 nA, 800 nA and 1 µA
If screen current is exceeded, intensifier power will be switched off. Intensifier power must be enabled to continue.

* We are able to guarantee a minimum gate width of 10ns, however, we are targeting 5ns as the minimum gate period for this design.


Source trigger input or internal time base
Trigger input 50 Ohm
Trigger edge +Ve oder -Ve edge of trigger input pulse
Max. trigger rate 100 kHz
Burst mode 200 MHz, 100 Pulse, then 1 ms off. TBC**

** We anticipate that a string of 100 pules at 20MHz followed by a dead time of 1ms will be achievable. These figures cannot be guaranteed until the burst has been fully characterised.

User Interface

LCD display incorporates 100mm x 58mm LCD screen with touch input display details: Operation mode, Intensifier Power (off, on, tripped), intensifier gain, internal time base, Gate, T1, T2 and T3 delay and width setting
Optical encoder in conjunction with the touch sensitive LCD, an optical encoder provides a simple and intuitive method for making manual adjustments to the controller


Housing painted aluminium
Trigger connectors SMA
Power connector 5 mm Jack socket
USB micro USB
Dimensions 145 mm (L) x 90 mm (W) x 115 mm (H)
excludes F Mount and connectors
Weight <2 kg
Power +12 V DC @ 2 A max, (external power adaptor provided)
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