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Gating Modules

Photek’s range of photocatode gates units can be used with our image intensifiers and PMTs as ultra fast electronic shutters. This technique is useful when the detector is used in high brightness situations or when capturing very fast moving objects. The gate unit operates by turning the photocatode on and off to 3 ns with a 300 KHz repetition rate (model dependant). For UHV detectors our GM-MCP gate module enables direct gating of the MCP to 8 ns. This is particularly useful when timme slicing of electrons and ions is required.

Image Intensifiers

Image Intensifiers amplify low light levels for applications such as astronomy high-speed imaging, photon counting and fluorescence lifetime measurement. Our Image Intensifiers provide the highest performance in terms of resolution, speed of response and in-service reliability. Photek Image Intensifiers can be supplied with integral high voltage power supplies and ultra-high speed gate units customised to meet the requirements of a specific application.

Intensified Cameras (ICCDs)

Photek’s range of intensified camera systems provides high-resolution imaging in a compact package. The camera is available in 18 mm, 25 mm and 40 mm photocathode sizes and normally supplied with a ‘C’ or ‘F’ mount lens adapter allowing it to be used with a variety of commercially available camera lenses, or for direct connection to a microscope. The camera can be supplied with fast gating to 3 ns. The intensified camera system is typically used where a real-time display is required and is ideal for surveillance and fluorescence imaging.


EMCCD Technology

Lumintek’s EMCCD technology provides a cost-effective solution for photon limited biological applications, making the technology available to any laboratory.

Nanosecond Gated Cameras

The ICNSGC is a nanosecond intensifier gated camera with inherently low jitter. The camera features built-in delay and exposure adjustment in 250 ps increments where delay and exposure times are below a microsecond. It also communicates with a PC computer via fiber-optic links. Multiple cameras can be daisy-chained together providing high-speed imaging capabilities in excess of 500 million frames per second.


Photek is the world-leading manufacturer of MCP photomultiplier tubes for analysis of ultrafast optical phenomena in a range of applications including, LIDAR, nuclear physics and time-correlated photon counting. Photek manufactures 10, 25 and 40 mm photomultipliers for use in the UV, visible and NIR spectrum. Photek’s photomultipliers are the fastest in the world with pulse rise times to 60 ps and pulse FWHM to 100 ps. For applications where gating is required, the Photek photomultipliers can provide gated speeds to 2 ns.

Photon Counting Cameras

Photek’s photon-counting camera systems are unique; they provide the ability to capture and integrate an image in real-time. These systems are ideal for extremely low photon emission applications such as bioluminescence, chemiluminescence, and weak fluorescence. The ability to accurately analyze transient events is a key feature of this product. The length of time that the image can be integrated is limited only by disc space and allows the user to fully capture real-time events. X, Y and time co-ordinates for post-acquisition analysis is also recorded. X-ray and vacuum imaging camera options are also available.

Vacuum Imaging Detectors

The Vacuum Imaging Detector (VID) is an open face detector without a photocathode. It is designed to be mounted into or onto a vacuum chamber. The VID is designed to detect charged particles, UV photons and neutrons. It is available with either a phosphor screen, solid anode or resistive sea which provides re-configurable anode options. The phosphor screen can also include a time of flight module which provides timing response to 5 ns. Typical applications include electron microscopy, nuclear physics research and VUV imaging.

Velocitas VMI

The Velocitas VMI Spectrometer is offered as a complete solution tailored for your research laboratory, or as individual components for upgrades to your existing experimental setup.

Photek is a specialist manufacturer of vacuum-based tubes and camera systems for photon detection. The product range includes Camera Systems, Image Intensifiers, Photomultiplier Tubes, Streak Tubes plus a range of associated electronics. Photek is an expert in a large area and ultra-high-speed imaging and advanced photon counting camera systems

The Photek continuing success is built upon continuous innovation and product development, and by harnessing and applying knowledge to find solutions for all customers’ applications.

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